Which carolina herrera perfume smells best?

The 10 best Carolina Herrera perfumes for women 212 Sexy by Carolina Herrera Eau De Parfum. Heroes Forever Young for Her Eau de Parfum Spray by Carolina Herrera 212. Very Good Girl Eau de Parfum by Carolina Herrera. Very Good Girl Glam Eau de Parfum by Carolina Herrera. We chose Good Girl Legère Eau de Parfum as the best smelling Good Girl perfume.

The additional notes of exotic ylang-ylang and luxurious Dulce de Leche transform the original into an intoxicating feminine fragrance that attracts attention. Floral, with a lively opening and a sensual finish, CH Eau de Toilette was a collaborative design effort between perfumers Olivier Cresp, Rosendo Mateu and Carolina Herrera's daughter, Carolina Adriana Herrera. All of Carolina Herrera's best Good Girl perfumes share the same white floral notes of jasmine and tuberose with a creamy Tonka bean, but each one adds something special. Carolina Herrera has designed each GG fragrance to share the same DNA as the original Good Girl Eau de Parfum, and then expand on it.

But which ones stand out as the best of all time? Here's our list of the 15 best Carolina Herrera fragrances for women. The elegant capsule design of this fragrance differs from other more spectacular proposals by Carolina Herrera, but don't be fooled by the scent it contains. Good Girl: Good Girl has been available for a few years and has become a bestseller for Carolina Herrera. Carolina Herrera is known in the luxury fashion world for designing stylish clothing for women, including the First Ladies of the United States.

This is perhaps Carolina Herrera's most recognizable fragrance, thanks to her spectacular bottle shaped like a stiletto in the form of a spray that gives us an air half of high fashion and half of Jessica Rabbit. The legendary Carolina Herrera, born in Venezuela, who has radiated confidence and class on all fashion runways since 1980, has also managed to accumulate more than 150 different perfumes throughout her long and historic career. Ingrid is an avid perfume collector, fragrance writer and critic, fragrance YouTuber, and friend of the British Society of Perfumers. He has worked in the fashion industry for more than 30 years.

Every woman should have at least one sensual perfume in her collection, and Carolina Herrera is the one that does it best.

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