What does carolina herrera smell like men?

Enjoy an attractive selection of fragrances with Carolina Herrera for Men. The fragrance comes with notes of lemon, lavender, rosemary and neroli, and is deepened in tobacco, sandalwood, geranium and cloves. It's a sweet, sugary scent with a note of leather and vanilla, giving it extra softness. Drying is very pleasant.

It might be a little too strong for my nose, at first, but it sits pretty well. I bought Herrera for men at the same time as Ferre for men and I have to say that both are very nice fragrances, but Ferré beats Herrera on all levels. Carolina Herrera's first fragrance for men, and to this day it remains the most enigmatic and complex of all. Carolina Herrera for Men makes the content of the evening's show very clear, although in a subtle way and with manners that, perhaps, are as old-fashioned as mine.

But Carolina Herrera for Men is, from its pyramid and place in time, a traditional men's perfume. CAROLINA HERRERA men's spray eau de toilette, 6.75 oz: Herrera, the namesake of the fragrance line, is a blend of tobacco, citrus, amber and musk notes. It came to mind because when I think of Carolina Herrera's scents, I think of the Club Blaster 212 series or the CH edition of Sugar Bomb.

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